The base point for Kalavantin Durg trek is Thakurwadi which is located around 25 km from Panvel. So the best way to reach Kalavantin Durg is by road from Panvel Stn.It is located at Thakurwadi the best way to go Thakurwadi is we can took a auto rickshaw from shedung phata till thakurwadi.we started a trek from shedung phata at morning the best climate to visit Kalavantine durga is in winter and summer at rainy it is quite risky to go there.

The Hight of the Kalavantine durga is 2330 feet located in sahyadri Mountains. we should carry our belongings and what ever necessary to us wiif we th a lots of water and a first aid kit . as the road is not good so i suggest park ur private vehical at staring point of treak The trek was started with my gang we took or bag pack an move further we walked for an hour we didn’t stop yet.while waliking we can see many diff type of creatures .the way is from a jungle there are aslo some hotels later walking or else we can cook our food.

we were walking since 2 hr and not even reached to “MACHII” machii is the base of kalavantine were the trek actually get start. traveller who start the trek at evening they can stay up here we just have to carry our own tent we can camp here for night and start a trek in morning.carry your own food a and water . later walking we get to a kalavantine village and from there there are two ways one goes to Kalavantine Durga and other goes to Prabalgad fort if still u dont get the way do ask to people the will help u to get a right way to Kalavantine.from village kalavantine is 1 hr away bt it depends on our walk how fast we are people goes there got a great courage to go up there .

In upper pic of my blog the mountain you see behind us is nothing but a prabalgad for we cant get there after kalavantine if we got a lots of time remain with us .travellers also camp on prabalgad there is much place compare then the kalavantin durga. kalvantine durga is connected with the two valleys as u see the kalavantine from down from were u started a treak u can get that as were at top of kalavantine strong wind flows up there.so after walking 1and half hour we will get to edge of kalavantine durga and still the risky part of fort was reamaning to walk this part of kalavantine is very risky in rainy so after lunch we reasted fo 20 min and started again there is just a big rock with nothing to hold we just have to bend n walk on that rock if we lock down this is how we will get a look of valley .

Thats why people called it the dangerous fort ever . we  just have to cross this difficulty and there we are at top of kalavantine from were the view of Sahayadri hills is amazing bt still the one difficulty was still there to get on top were “MAHARAJYCHA BHAGVA ” was there .this is how we have to get up there .

At last we got there up and view was more amazing than ever we can stay there for long time bt after some photo shoot we get down by rope and waked down from kalvantine to get home it was little risky to get down bt we made it . we walked on kalavantine and got down safely some of our pics i posted at end ……. i end my blog here travel safely be safe….!





Himchal pradesh is really something that we can’t imagine the beauty of that place ,the peoples, the mall roads etc Shimla and Manali  are to the two places of Himachal were beauty is just awesome.we can get there by bus or our private vehicle.Himachal is like High mounts are just covered with the snow. snow on a trees the view is just amzing.DSCN8325

Shimla and Manali both are beautiful places there are like heven to me shimlas horse riding was a best and my best horse riding ever .the narrow valley besides u great expirence it was . then there is a another beauty Manali in month btwn nov -jan the climate is very cold it almost in -degree cel throw out a day the high mountains with snow rivers tress that makes the Manali more beautiful Manali is alos famous for “LUGGDI” its a drink made from rice and it taste as curd to drink port wine there is best bcoz it keeps our body warm in this temp .in manali there are also snow sports skinny ,paracliding snow fights etc paracliding is little expensive but great expirence from the sollang valley. there are different valley in manali solang valley,gulabo valley etc after snow fall it get highly coverded with a snow. and they also provides us with suitable clothes in snow IMG-20180121-WA0014IMG-20180121-WA0009.jpg

Himachal is also famousee for kuffri its a great place to reach there the travelling was so awesome the way was just amazing flowing river from the great mountains and the water was were cold. at kuffrii we can do a river rafting . its a amazing sport and also very different from natural sports .IMG-20180121-WA0069

manali aslo have “HADIMBA DEVI TEMPEL” after a heavy snow fall the tempel is just covered with a snow the tibetans have there faith on her.IMG-20180121-WA0086

so guys thats it. was experience of Himalchal Pradesh i will also post some imges an videos of paracliding do follow me this is my first blog.

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